The Magnificent “Gate of Heaven” of Mount Tianmen in China


Would you be willing to climb 999 steps? In this case we think yes.

Within the prefecture of the city of Zhangjiajie, China, is a park by the natural beauty and unique architecture of its kind in the world, inserted in the World Heritage list by UNESCO in 1992. The Tianmen Mountain is the most popular hero of this magnificent natural setting, and the “gate of heaven”, a natural cave 30 meters high, from the name to the mountain itself. To reach this cave, unique in its kind in the world, you need to take a tour bus and then walk the steep staircase that counts 999 steps. The typical expression that is said once completed the climb is fairly obvious, “you’ve climbed the stairway to heaven.”

To reach the summit of Mount Tianmen you can take the cable car, which is 7455 meters long for a vertical rise of 1,279 meters, and allows you to travel on to a unique natural spectacle in the world for about 20 minutes. With its length and its slope by cable car it is also the longest and steepest of the globe.

Gate of Heaven in China


Tongtian Tianmen Mountain   Cableway Tianmen Mountain in China

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