This Woman is Wearing a Chastity Belt and Lost the Keys: How Will it End?


Do you know what a chastity belt is? Have you ever seen one in person? Do you think it should be used nowadays too?


The chastity belt is a very old item of clothing and maybe not funny at all to those women who had to wear it. You can read more about this tool here.
We don’t really want to dig into the reasons or if it was good or bad: we are here today to have some fun … and not to take everything too seriously.

So, what would you do if your wife was wearing a chastity belt and you have lost the keys? OMG…can you imagine that?
What if you find a new partner and you discover, eventually, that she’s wearing a chastity belt, sad gift from her jealous and possessive ex boyfriend (who thought it was good – and sadistic – to throw the keys away)?

Well, you may solve this inconvenience by yourself – if you know how and have all the proper tools. You might have a very close and good friend who is a genius in life hacks.
In alternative, what about going to a very discreet blacksmith?
Do you think they could be so honest to keep the secret and to keep themselves far enough from your loved one? What would their reaction be? And yours?

Well, this woman apparently lost the keys to her chastity belt and decided to ask for help to a professional blacksmith. What was his reaction? What’s the true story? Let’s discover it together in this video.

Did you enjoy the show? Do you think it’s a real prank or just staged? Do you know better tricks to “save” a woman from a “sad and lonely destiny”?

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