10 Urban Places With the Lowest Temperature Ever


Do you live in a cold country? Do you love or hate freezing temperatures and cold zones? Or do you live in a tropical area and you have never seen the snow and never felt a real cold?

Today we are going to discover the top 10 coldest cities in the world. The 10 urban places where they recorded the lowest temperature ever through the past decades.

10. Helsinki, Finland: -34,3°C

This is the capital city and one of the colder European town. During winter it’s rare that the temperature get higher than -5°C. In 1987 they recorded the minimum temperature of -34.3°C.

Helsinki Finland Winter


9. Ottawa, Canada: -37°C

One of the coldest cities in North-America. The average winter temperature is -15°C.

Ottawa Canada Winter


8. Minsk, Belarus: -40°C

The average minimum temperature here is -20°C, with a record of -40°C. Not bad, isn’t it? And this is just the eighth position.

Minks Belaraus Winter



7. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: -49°C

This is the coldest world capital city. With an average annual temperature of -1,3°C, the ground is frozen during all year (the so called “permafrost“).

Ulaanbaatar Monglia Winter


6. Astana, Kazakhstan: -51,6°C

Streets are covered by ice and snow for about 6 months a year and strong winds make the apparent temperature even higher.

Astana Kazakistan Winter


5. Ust’ Nera, Siberia: -60,4°C

This city is one of the so called “Poles of Cold” and all of them (top 5 of this list) are located in Siberia.

Ust' Nera Siberia Winter



4. Yakutsk, Siberia, Russia: -64,4°C

It’s not far from Ust’ Nera and main city of Sacha-Jacuzia Republic. The minimum temperature of -64,4°C was recorded in 1891.

Jakutsk Siberia Winter


3. Verchojansk, Siberia – Russia: -68,8°C

With an average minimum temperature of −47.7 °C during January, the -68.8°C was recorded in February 1892.

Verchojanks Siberia Winter


2. Tomtor, Siberia – Russia: -69,2°C

This town too, is located in the Sacha-Jacuzia Republic. Do you still think your place is cold?

Tomtor Siberia Winter

… and the winner is:


1. Ojmjakon, Siberia – Russia: -82°C

On 26th January 1926 the recorded temperature was −69.9°C, but other sources reported −71,2°C or even −82°C.

Oymyakon Siberia Winter

You can view a map of the world temperature here.

How cold is your town? If you thought you live in a “cold” place, today you may change your mind, because your city could be nothing compared to this top 10.

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