Topless Girl Sit on Wrong Guys at The Beach and That Are The Reactions


Toples Girl in Beach

Most people in the world like going to the beach (alone, with friends or with the partner). They may love to spend some relaxing moments, enjoying a bit of sun and the soft sound of waves on the sea shore.
Maybe some of you, who are reading this article now, also loves to go to the beach and parties with the aim of meeting new people – hopefully your right one.

But what if you are already engaged, spending some quite time with your partner, and suddenly, an unknown topless girl comes and sits on your boyfriend / husband?

Each people would react differently, but how much? For sure, any woman would express some kind of opposition. But what about you as a man or woman?

To any men:

  • Would you just let things going on?
  • Would you firmly put the girl away immediately?
  • Would you pretend to disapprove but, deep down, like the girl to stay on you?
  • Would you get angry with the “new” girl and fight?
  • Would you argue with both your girlfriend and the unknown girl?

To any women:

  • Would you get mad and put all the blame to the guy?
  • Would you ask questions and try to understand what’s really going on…before “killing” your partner and the “extrovert” girl?
  • Would you laugh…and then kill the woman and breake up with your mate even after knowing it was a prank?

Well, this video will show you 4 “rough” reactions to this situation. Will they be quite predictable? Will someone go to the hospital?


Sitting in the wrongs mans lap can get you so much trouble
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Pubblicato da Humor su Martedì 10 gennaio 2017


Did you like the “show”? What’s your opinion? Was it fun or awful? Do you think this was just an excuse to be a “bad girl” or to attract some attention and earn few money through the usual exploitation of sex and one’s own female body?

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