Massive Trailed Sprayer in Action in Netherlands


Today we are going to show you some technology. It’s not a futuristic invention or a new “Terminator” android, but the kind of innovation put at the service of our nutrition and life.

This is a Fendt 415 Vario tractor equipped with a Delvano 7000 EAKS trailed sprayer of Vrolijk Farming in Fijnaart (The Netherlnads) and they are spraying winter wheat using this massive equipment.


This sprayer has a 7000 litre tank and LED lights built into the full length of its 45 metre boom, one right next to each nozzle, allowing the visibility of nozzle output during night time spraying.

This is a clear example of how technology can make things easier and faster, allowing us to feed, potentially, anyone on earth (if people were all honest – Ed.).

We are not going to dig into what they are spraying and the related consequences, because we are not farming experts and we do not really know what was on the machine at the moment of the video shooting. So, since we are here to have some fun and get amazed by the extraordinary things we have all around the world, we are happy to share this video with you and we are sure you will enjoy the view!

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