UK Mother Splurged £10K To Dress Her Daughter Like A ‘cheap Prostitute’ And Has Been Accused To Encourage Paedophilia

sammy and hallie
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How should a baby live? How should he/she look? What’s the proper way to grow and educate a child?

There might be a lot of different answers to this question, but this woman from UK thinks the right path for a little 4-year-old girl is beauty, fashion, pageants and TV show and splurged over £10,000 to dress her daughter like a doll and participate in the Channel 5 series “Blinging Up Baby” TV show.

wardrobe hallie mai
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Sammy Bushell (29) from Doncaster, South Yorks, decided to spend thousands of pounds in fake nails, make-up, wigs, fake tan and controversial – or even daring gowns, for her daughter to enter her into the pageant.

hallie mai with crowns
Mercury Press

For this controversial decision, Sammy Bushell has been accused to encourage paedophilia and claims she’s targeted daily by trolls. People invited her to let her daughter grow like a ‘normal child”, avoiding to dress her like a ‘cheap prostitute’.

sammy hallie and facebook
Mercury Press

But despite the trolls, labelling her daughter ugly and fake, the mother didn’t give up and is still determined to stick with pageants for as long as Hallie Mai wants, because, according to the mother, “her daughter loves the limelight, she can think independently and choose by herself what to do”.

hallie mai
Mercury Press

For some people Sammy Bushell is a bad parent and she’s prostituting her daughter. I do believe this is not a normal and healthy way to live for a children. And what do you think? Would you do that with your daughter? Where is the battle against sex/body exploitation now?


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