How Your Big Day Can Become Your Worst Memory Ever


And the big day came. Everyone was so happy and amazed. It is the big event that will never repeat again (if you really believe on it – Ed.) and that you would like to share with the whole world. But sometimes, when you are right in the middle of the crucial moments, something can go wrong and the best time ever becomes your worst nightmare or memory.
This video will reveal you the ultimate wedding fails compilation from around the world. When the “big day” doesn’t go as planned, these funny or scary things can happen.

1. Thunderbolt in a grey rainy day: the marriage may really “flash the couple”.

2. An incredible kiss can “make her faint”.

3. Wedding on a boat? Take care to know how to swim well … and pray your dress will not be ruined for good.

4. If you would like to become a jumping bride, you should also know how to fall properly and safely.

5. When the marriage is so involving, it can burn you…literally.

These are just some few examples of the big wedding fails you might experience or assist to. Watch this video to discover all the others and enjoy your view.

Have you ever assisted to any weeding fails? Do you think they are funny or sad? Share your opinion by commenting below.

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