Real-Life ‘Unicorn” Caught On Camera in Italy. A One-Horned Roe Deer May Explain The Myth

unicorn in sibilinni mountains
Youtube Screenshoot

Do you believe in unicorns, magic and myths? Do you like everything is shared nowadays with a unicorn-like touch? In Italy a real-life ‘unicorn’ has been spotted lately and lives in the Sibillini Mountains. Mr. Giuseppe Chiavari caught it on camera during a photo trapping activity.


What’s the truth? Let’s start from the basic.

The unicorn is a legendary creature usually depicted with the body of a horse, but with a single – usually spiral – horn growing out of its forehead (hence its name – cornus being Latin for ‘horn’ , uni meaning one). The unicorn’s blood and horn supposedly have mystical healing properties. A unicorns horn also is known as the “bane of evil” in that it has the ability to dispel anything malignant in water and can also kill most truly evil creatures it comes in to contact with. Naturally Kings sought after cups made from this horn so they could enjoy a poison free meal.

(Source: Mythical Creatures Guide).

unicorn leggend

But the reality is unfortunately slightly different. The so called ‘unicorn’ is indeed a “one-horned” roe deer that it’s believed to have some kind of genetic flaw, the ethologist Enrico Alleva said – but could also be the result of a trauma early in the animal’s life.

For the record, a roe deer is a mammal. A relatively small deer native to Britain and common and widespread throughout Scotland and England. But they are well adapted to cold environments and they range from northern Europe and Asia into the high mountains of Central Asia, and south to Spain. The roe deer’s coat is reddish brown in summer and greyish brown with a conspicuous white rump patch in winter. The male has short, usually three-tined antlers that are roughened and enlarged at the base, apparently to protect the skull against antler punctures.

Therefore, a single horn roe deer is not quite normal and it might be a kind of ‘anomaly’. But if you think this is a rarity, experts say it’s not so unusual. In fact, one was spotted in 2008 according to the Daily Mail.

Further more, four years later, in May 2012, another one was spotted in Suonenjoki, a small town in eastern Finland.

And if you are not convinced yet, last April 2017 a user posted another video on YouTube showing a one-horned roe deer walking into the forest.

Although not common, this cases can occur every now and then, even if the horn in central position is more rare – it’s generally on one side of the head. This may demonstrate that the myth of the unicorn could have been born from other cases witnessed in the past.

Following the “made in Italy” latest sighting:


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