10+ Weirdest Jobs In The World That Pay You A Very High Salary


What’s your job? Do you like it? Do you earn enough? We discovered 11 of the oddest job positions in the world that can pay you very well. 10+ unbelievable well-paying jobs only few people might do. A top 11 list of the most unusual jobs that pay surprisingly high. You will discover what’s the strangest position, how much you can earn and how you can start some of them.


11. Nude Model: around $38,400/year.

Working 8 hours a day for a whole year, given the hourly pay rate of $20, would pay you more than $38K.
Whatever is your location, you can find job openings worldwide. This is a nice list of art studios and universities where life models are employed throughout the world.

nude model
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10. Sewer Inspector: $38,400/year on average.

Do you like rats, roaches, dark passages and occasional corpses? You will be inspecting for them crawling through sewer tunnels. You can know more here.

sewer inspector worker
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9. Fart Smeller: more than $50,000/year.

According to The Crazy Facts, a fart specialist professional is being paid more than $50K annually. The reason of this job? Assess or do the diagnosis with just a sniff of the poop from the patients. You will be the key to detect intestinal problems that are believed to be connected with a certain type of smell in the poop, alternative medicinal experts say.

fart smeller
Matti Mattila | Flickr

8. Sex toy tester: up to $50,000/year.

Like explained on this article, you can earn from $30,000 to $50,000 per year. Is it, maybe, the perfect job for those whose first priority in life is self-pleasure? Can you prove me the contrary (Ed.)?

sex toy tester
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7. Paper Towel Sniffer: up to $52,000 /year.

If you are obsessed with smell, you should know that your “mania” could let you earn up to $52,000 annually…as odour judges. It is mainly used to see if the paper towel is odorless before and after it is used to clean things up.
And it’s not the only odour judge job available out there: “judge” by yourself and discover The Annual Salary for an Odour Judge.

paper towel sniffer
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6. Water Slide Tester: up to $56,000.

InsideJobs states that you can earn from $17,000 to $56,000.
If you are a water slide tester you will be working for hotel chains or large travel companies and your task will be to check if a water slide is both fun and safe.

water slide tester

5. Bed Tester: up to $67,000/year.

When it’s time to wake up and go to work, the only thing you may desire is to quit your job and remain in bed, but this position could solve your problem for good and you will get paid too…$24,000-$67,000 per year. See this job offer.

bed tester

4. Professional Snuggler: $76,800/year or more.

Do you have a warm personality? Show some affection to people in need, but don’t confuse it with sex: this is not a porn star position. The job is primarily platonic cuddling and talking to clients.
The Snuggle Buddies is currently hiring female snugglers and will pay you $40 per hour plus tips. An 8 hours daily activity all year round could let you earn even $80K or more (it depends on you and the client’s tips).

professional snuggler


3. Golf Ball Divers: up to $100,000/year.

According to Scuba Diving, hard working divers can earn between $50,000 and $100,000 annually.


2. Pet Food Tester: up to $117,00/year.

The activity that could sound disgusting to some – or many – can profit you even more than $100K per year. What you need to do is just to check the flavour, texture and consistency…then you spit it out and move on to the next flavour.

Discovering how to become a pet food tester could be your “golden mine”.

pet food tester
Kārlis Dambrāns | Flickr

1. Obscure Stunt Tester: up to $300,000/year.

If you have a strong stomach, this job may profit you a lot. Also known as a gross stunt tester, you are going to test out obscure and unappetizing foods to be certain they are OK to be consumed (disgusting items such as bugs and fluids). Do you feel strong and brave enough?

gross stunt tester
Alpha | Flickr

Which jobs is right for you? Do you know other bizarre jobs only clever, brave or lucky people can do?


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