21 Reasons Why You Should Abandon WhatsApp and Start Using Telegram


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Are you computer or tech-savvy? Do you like to stay connected and socialise? You should know WhatsApp or Telegram then.
In this article we will explain you 21 reasons why Telegram is better than WhatsApp and you should start using it right now.
21 advantages offered by Telegram that make it better than WhatsApp. You will discover 21 features that make Telegram the best alternative to WhatsApp.


Like its competitor, Telegram is a communication platform you can download and use in your smartphone as an App. Founded in 2013, it reached 100 million users in 2016, with 15 billion messages sent every day. Let’s see why Telegram is better than WhatsApp.

1. Privacy.

Several tests confirmed that Telegram is the safer App in the market. Everything is encrypted (from the chat to the calls).

2. Cloud and security.

Every conversation and content is saved in the cloud. Therefore, you don’t risk to lose anything due to a device formatting or change.

3. It’s cross-platform and for everyone.

Windows, MAC OS, GNU/Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Ubuntu touch and, last but not least, Android Wear 2.0 (the smartwatch). Each content is synchronised with any device and you always keep a copy as you move from one to another.

4. You can “disappear” any time.

You can set a self-destruct timer for either a “Secret Chat” or even your account (in case you would like to use the App only temporarily).

5. Password protected conversations.

No more messages read by strangers and unwanted users.


6. You can chat with anyone.

You can communicate with someone just searching him/her by the nickname and not necessarily through the phone numbers saved in your contact list.

7. You can call every one and check the security of the conversation.

It features an emoji-based security key exchange mechanism to authenticate users and make sure their calls are even more secure: users are required just to compare four emoji.
In addition, an AI neural network monitors and adjust the quality of the call for the best experience.

8. You can send everything you want.

With a max size allowed of 1.5GB each, you can send a wide range of files (photos, videos, films, apps, documents, etc.). Further more, you can even choose and select the resolution of your video (from 360p up to 1080p).

9. You can revitalise your conversation with a wide range of free stickers.

10. You can change the skin.

From ready-to-use templates to self-customised themes, you can personalise the App as you prefer.

whatsapp and telegram

11. The power of groups.

If you like doing things with other people, a lot of people, Telegram allows you to create “super groups” with up to 5,000 users. And with the next update they will become even much bigger.

12. Not only private messages: telegraph and telescope.

Thanks to Telegraph, you can create and publish your personal anonymous micro-blog.
With telescope you can post clips up to a minute long in public channels: they will be publicly available through a direct URL, even to people without Telegram accounts.
Each content created can be shared on the most popular social networking sites.

13. You can have your own channel.

You can create up to 5 channels, with unlimited users, to share any kind of information.

14. Cool channels available.

It’s a direct consequence of the point 13. You have plenty of choice to find your preferred channel to follow. It’s up to your taste.

15. Hashtag, image editor and high quality videos.

Telegram allows you to use #hashtags in private chats, secret chats, groups and channels. The image editor lets you make your pictures better, while the video system allows you to compress a video you would like to upload or to send it in high resolution.


16. Handy video play.

Thanks to a pop-up window, when you receive a video, you can keep it on even while you move through the chats.

17. Must-have features.

You have 48 hours to delete a message sent and not yet read;
You can pin the most important chats to the top or create a shortcut on the home screen of your smartphone.

18. Customised bots.

Anyone can create his own bot to manage channels and groups. They are limitless and it’s all up to your creativity.

19. Let’s play a game.

Thanks to Gamee bot, you can play a bunch of games, alone or with your friends, directly in chat.

20. Telegram is already integrated in several platforms.

Services such as PostPickr or Kuku supports the Telegram channels. You can even integrate Telegram in your WordPress or Joomla website using a dedicated plug-in.

21. Integrated with IFTTT (If This Then That).

A service used to make connections between more than 350 apps and devices ranging from Facebook and Salesforce to Alexa or Google Assistant.
By combining the IFTTT bot and integrations, Telegram says its bot can act like a multitasking personal assistant with the ability to do things like send tweets, receive alerts from social media or email, and other tasks without leaving Telegram.
For today Telegram wins 21-0, but maybe the final result is constantly under development and we’ll see who will be the winner in the long run.

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What about you? Which App do you use and prefer and why? Do you think there are further advantages to add to the list? Write your opinion by commenting below and we will discuss it later.


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