When Normal People Try To Emulate The “heroes” And Fail: Wins Vs. Fails Compilation

wins vs fails compilation
FailArmy | Youtube

From time to time people perform extraordinary things and when it comes to physical activities, they may look like some kind of superheroes, able to do actions that only people with special powers (or strength) can do. Actually it’s just a matter of training (and maybe luck) and the results are so impressive that people always try to emulate them (or may think it’s too good to be true -Ed.). But what if something goes wrong and you dramatically fail, leaving the audience fear that you broke your neck and tomorrow there will be another funeral?

Well, we’ve exaggerated a bit because, fortunately, no one has died today. Therefore the big fails we’re going to see here may be a bit scary but at the same time fun.

In this post we would like to show you the ultimate Fails vs. Wins compilation: the outstanding rarity vs. the poor reality. On this video you will see great people in awesome performances and how the “ordinary” ones replicate the same actions … and resoundingly fail, realising they are neither immortal nor the next “avenger”.

People who see this video get astonished by the stunning performances of these “human heroes” but, at the same time, full of fear (or laughs) looking at the big failures of their counterparts.

Are you capable of astounding actions? What was your greatest physical performance? Would you try to emulate these guys?


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