20 World’s Best Water Parks For A Thrilling, Stunning And Unforgettable Experience


What’s better than a water park during a hot and lazy summer, maybe spent in a desert town just made of cement, buildings and asphalt? Maybe not too much else. And if you think water and funny activities are the best things ever, a water park may be the only awesome thing you can visit this summer.

Therefore we are glad to show you 20 of the best water parks you can find across the world, judged based on the slides, attractions inside and water rides.


20. World Waterpark

world waterpark canada

A tropical paradise boasting the world’s largest indoor wave pool and more than 21 unique water slides and play features. It’s located in Edmonton, Canada and you can visit their website here.


19. Happy Magic Water Cube

cina happy magic water cube beijing

It was the Beijing’s former Olympic aquatic centre (the Water Cube) in 2008, and now it’s been converted to a water park build by WhiteWater West. It’s the Beijing’s second most visited tourist spot and one of the largest water parks in Asia. An awesome destination for families who can enjoy an AquaLoop and AquaTube water slides. More info here.


18. Brazilian Beach Park

brazilian beach park fortaleza

The place where, they say everyone becomes a kid again, raise stunning with their 16 attractions designed for families, moderate levels and radical thrilling performances. It’s told that people who go there can find the tallest (41 metres) and fastest (105 km/h) water slide in the world. Take a virtual tour and book your greatest holiday now.


17. Holiday Word Spalshin’ Safari

holiday word spalshin safari indiana

The water park is located inside the Holiday World theme park in Santa Claus, Indiana. It features the World’s #1 Water Park Ride: “Wildebeest“. This one-third of a mile long water coaster offers the riders two minutes and a half of hills, drops, twists and turns. Visitors can also enjoy the massive “Mammoth” water coaster covering more than three acres.



16. South Korean Caribbean Bay

south korean caribbean bay korea

Part of the Everland them park, the Caribbean Bay entertain the visitors with their 28 attractions. You can buy a ticket here.


15. Etnaland

entnalad catania italy

It’s located in Sicily, Italy and it’s the biggest amusement park in South Italy with a theme park and an “Acquapark” featuring five water attractions and 20 slides. And for the little kids, your experience is complete with six mini attractions. Get a full overview here.


14. Water World

water world denver colorado

Located just 15 minutes north of Downtown Denver, Water World water park features 39 attractions with a large choice for any visitors: from “Voyage to the Center of the Earth” where you can take an incredible voyage back in time where dinosaurs ruled the earth, to the thrilling “The Storm” where you plunge into the dark, perilous depths of the monster Storm. They state Water World is the America’s biggest and best water park. Get interactive and see the Park Map.


13. Chimelong Paradise

chimelong waterpark guangzhou china
White Water West

Located about two hours Northwest of Hong Kong, Chimelong Paradise is the largest amusement park in China with 70 rides. According to them, this water park is the perfect place for you to enjoy a refreshing break. Judge by yourself visiting their website.



12. Tropical Islands

tropical islands berlin

Just 60 km from Berlin you can find the Europe’s largest tropical holiday resort. Build inside an aeroplane hanger (the largest free-standing building in the world), this destination brings the tropical environment to Europe with a Tropical Sea, a Sandy Beach, Palm Trees, Diving in the South Pacific, a Magical Lagoon, Water slides and a Kid’s Pool. And there is much more to discover. Take a first tour here.


11. Siam Park

siam park canary islands

According to Trip Advisor, this is the best water park in the world with their Tower of Power slide, the highest waves (10feet) of any pool and a river rafting ride. All this happens in the Canary Islands, Spain and you can learn more here.


10. Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park

disney blizzard beach orlando florida

A one-time ski resort that has melted into a watery wonderland. When you arrive in Orlando, Florida, you can experience the slushy slopes of “Mount Gushmore” on one of the world’s tallest and fastest water slides. Would you like more fun? Discover all the other attractions.


9. Wet’n’Wild Water World by Warner Bros.

wetn wild water world australia

When you go to Queensland, Australia, you will find 4 ways to have fun with your kids and family, 4 thrilling extreme rides (terrifying and crazy) in the H20 Zone (an action-packed zone full of adrenaline-pumping slides) and 9 slides including four massive transparent looping slides. See by yourself on their website.



8. Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark

WTI – Water Technology Inc

An amazing experience you can find in Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego. A hybrid concept that combines a water park with a marine park, allowing you to mix the water slides and the interaction with animals such as dolphins. You can find all the information here.


7. Area 47

area 47 austria

We are in Austria and this is not an ordinary water park, but an adventure area for any action and thrill lovers. A 20,000 square metres water park where you will not swim and splash but blob, climb, slide at top speed and jump. All the activities and special equipment required are included in the entry fee. Start getting an adrenaline rush by exploring all the attractions.


6. Noah’s Ark Waterpark

noahs ark waterpark

Located in Wisconsin Dells, a city with 18 water parks and just 2,690 inhabitants, Noah’s Ark is the most famous among them, with 51 slides and is billed as the “America’s Best & Largest Waterpark”. It features two endless rivers, four children’s water play areas, bumper boats, and two giant wave pools. Did you get curious? Discover all you can do in this park by visiting their website.


5. Schlitterbahn

schlitterbahn water park new braunfels

The “Amusement Business” industry trade publication named it the world’s best water park for 10 years in a row. It’s located in New Braunfels, Texas, in a 65-acre area and features 4 attractions, including epic river adventures. This is just one of the five water parks and resorts the company has across the country. Visit their website to discover what’s your preferred attraction.



4. Aquaventure

aquaventure atlantis paradise islands bahamas

Located in the Bahamas, Aquaventure, Atlantis Paradise Island’s water park, is the largest water park in the Caribbean, a one-of-a-kind 141-acre waterscape. Just few figures to give you an idea of its “majesty”: over 20 million gallons of water, 120-foot tall Power Tower slides, a 200-foot body-slide, a mile-long river ride, 20 swimming areas, 11 unique and refreshing swimming pools. Everything immersed into a lush, tropical environment. If you can’t wait any longer, you can book right now.


3. Wild Wadi

wild wadi dubai

We are in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in front of the stunning Burj Al Arab. This water park features eight (8) Master Blaster water coasters. Wild Wadi is themed around the tale of Juha, a known character from the Arabian folklore. More info here.


2. Yas Waterworld

yas waterworld united arab emirates

We remain in the United Arab Emirates to visit an Arabian fantasy themed water park. The value? $245 million, offering fun for everyone with 4 Thrill Levels, interactive water roller coasters and racing competitions. You can grab a bargain and discover the available special offers and promotions.


1. Typhoon Lagoon

typhoon lagoon orlando

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, hosts the most visited water park in the world, the Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park with twisting tides, roaring rapids, wonderful waterways and relaxing rivers in an adventure themed atmosphere. It even features a special area where guests can snorkel among live sharks and other tropical fish. And all water is heated to a toasty 75-80 degrees year-round (excluded the snorkelling area). Have you already decided Typhoon Lagoon is your next destination? Buy your refreshing holiday today.

Do you like summer and water? Which water park will you choose this year? Do you know additional better locations? Let us know by commenting below.


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