Zero Euro Banknote Issued In Germany, But It Has A Price And Is Very Requested

zero euro banknote in germany
Herry Lawford | Flickr

Germany issued a new note with a face value of zero Euros, but it turned out to be very requested.

We all know how the “ordinary” banknotes look like (from 5 to 500), but this is the only one with no value but a price tag of 2.5 Euros and yet officially recognized by the European Central Bank (ECB). You can’t buy anything (it’s not a payment instrument), but collectors loved it so much that all the 5,000 pieces are already sold out.

The details:

This is a specimen banknote for the city of Kiel and shows one of the most important landmarks of the city imprinted on it (the training ship German Navy “Gorch Fock II”). Something special, unique for tourists and, at the same time, a valuable collector’s item.

Printed by a licensed money printing company, the note uses the real Europaper, has the same size of a “real” one (135mm x 74mm) and comes with the usual security features of a genuine banknote: watermark, hologram, transparent window, copper stripe and an individual serial number.

As said, the first edition currently sold out completely, but pre-orders for a second edition can be made.


But it’s not the first time.

1. Another sample can be seen on the image on the top of this article.

2. Numismatic64 sells a series of 0 Euro Tourist Notes on their website.

3. In the following video you can see another edition issued by “Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg”.


4. According to The Telegraph, in 2010 India “issued” special zero rupee banknotes. But it wasn’t for leisure and fun: they were part of an anti-corruption campaign against the India’s bride culture. With the image of Mahatma Gandhi impressed on them, the notes also carried the slogan “Eliminate corruption at all levels”.

Are you an owner of these collectible banknotes? Would you buy one when the second edition will be on sale?


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