10 Awesome Science Experiments You Can do at Home


Have you ever dreamt to be a scientist and create amazing things only genius – or aliens (Ed.) – can apparently do?
Are you just a “normal” person and can’t access any science laboratory, but you would like conduct some experiments in an “ordinary” location?

In this video, you can finally learn how to do 10 awesome science experiments just staying in the comfort of your home or anywhere else. Now you can surprise your friends, family and mate with things that we thought only movie scientists could have done … with a lot of expensive equipments, technology and money.

1. Fire Tornado

It’s not exactly an X-man’s special power, but the visual effect is cool. Imagine to do it during a party and event.

2. Smartphone 3D hologram

This is really impressive and make you feel in a real sci-fi movie.

3. Soap propelled boat

Just more than a game, but less than a space ship.

4. Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction

Is it alive or what? Are you sure it’s from this planet?

5. No-leak magic bag

Between magic and physics.

6. Silver egg

A new cheap and yet fast way to become rich? Where is the illusion?

7. Coke and bleach reaction

When a coke can become as clear as water … do you dare to drink it?

8. Instant cloud in a bottle

Can we become masters of the elements?

9. Sponge and sulfuric acid reaction

OK, this may be a bit destructive, so be careful.

10. How to make hot ice at home

Well, I feel a bit like “mother nature” now and the view is absolutely amazing.

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