10 Of The Most Stunning Limousines Ever Seen Around


limo inside

If you decided to read this article it means that you are a car or luxury lover. In both cases, you are in the right place. Today we are going to reveal you the top 10 coolest limousines you can find in the world. 10 of the most amazing vehicles only reach people can buy. But if you are not wealthy enough you can always rent one for few hours. So what limo should you choose? What about one of these 10 stunning limo ever seen around? You will discover how they look, their features and eventually where to rent some of them.


10. Chrysler Prowler Limo

chrysler prowler limo

A custom vehicle featuring a 17-inch monitor with DVD/CD player, a 33,000 Watt sound system and colour changing lights.


9. PT Cruiser Wedding Limo

chrysler prowler limo

A kind of carriage on wheels with floral decorations all over the vehicle sides.


8. Unique Harley Davidson Limo-Bike

white harley limobike

This vehicle is a mix of a bike and a limousine and it looks strange for sure. It is 7 meters in length and 1.75 tons of steel, it utilizes the front of a motorcycle, but the other part there is a limousine. Know more here.


7. Porsche Cayenne Limo

porsche cayenne limo

Featuring the body styling of the Porsche Cayenne S base model. More info and pictures on excellencelimo.com.


6. Triple Axle Hummer H2 Limo

triple axle hummer h2 limo

Stunning vehicle seating 30 passengers in a luxurious leather settee comfort and a stylish chassis.
Would you like to see more pictures and discover how it is inside? Visit AVITAL LIMOUSINE website, you can book one now.


5. Ferrari 360 Limo

ferrari 360 limo

Created by cutting a regular 360 Modena in half and adding seats in the middle to provide interior room for eight people.
Additional info on Luxuo.


4. 2014 Range Rover Limo

2014 range rover limo

Stunning 18 passenger vehicle: the ultimate in luxury transportation. See a great photo gallery here.


3. Lamborghini Aventador Limo

lamborghini aventador limo

Are you ready to race along with your friends gathered together?


2. Mini Cooper XXL Limo

mini cooper xxl limo

A six metre long MINI Cooper S limo called the MINI XXL and featuring six wheel, four door and six seater. The highlight is the whirlpool integrated into the rear section of the car.
See and pictures and data on Serious Wheels website.


1. Chevrolet Corvette Limousine

chevrolet corvette limousine

Created stretching a regular Chevrolet Corvette t a length of 220 inches. It carries up to passengers and is fully equipped with a disco floor, fish bubble tanks, an electric fireplace and a DVD player with 4 flat screens. (source: msn.com)
Would you like to rent one? You can request a quote to Limo Bob Enterprises.

Do you like cars and especially limousines? Would you use it for a special event or your wedding? Have you already used one? Share your experience by commenting below.

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