10 Valid Healthy Reasons to Have Sex


People sometimes say that having sex could cause diseases, but this could be valid for the bed habits. What if, instead, we do sex in good and safe ways (better with the partner we really love)? Here we explain you how sex can benefit you and your body and mind health, in 10 surprising ways.

Do blindfolded sex

1. Sex can alleviate your headache: by releasing the tension in your brain veins;

2. Doing a lot of sex can clear your stuffy nose: as a natural antihistamine, it helps fighting against asthma and spring allergies;

3. Sex is a wonderful beauty treatment: scientists discovered that when a woman have sex, her body produces a lot of oestrogen that make her hair soft and bright;

4. It’s one of the most safe sports ever: having sex almost every day strengthen our muscles and is funnier than 20 lengths in the pool … and without special shoes;

5. Having sex slowly and in a relaxing way reduces the probability of being affected by dermatitis, acne and skin rashes: the resulting sweating cleans pores and improves the skin;

6. Having sex can burn all the accumulated calories;

Sex Kiss

7. Sex is a natural antidepressant thanks to the releasing of endorphins in the blood: euphoria is granted;

8. Sex is a thousand times better than “Valium”: the safer natural tranquilliser and muscle relaxant on Earth;

9. Having sex regularly can make your body more attractive: by releasing more pheromones (human odourless sex scent signals) aimed to attract your mate;

10. Sex can be an “anti-dentist”: the more quantity of produced saliva cleans your teeth and reduces the amount of acid responsible for the tooth decay.

Like some drugs, sex can be addicting as well – for sure much better than any drugs in the world – but can it really substitutes chemical drugs – in some cases? Can it be our personal and natural daily doctor?

Tell us your point of view and give your feedback: which benefits have you personally experienced? Which one do you believe to be true? Do you know other benefits you can suggest us?

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