10 Weirdest Fishes You May Catch in This World


Do you like swimming in the ocean? Do you love sea, rivers, lakes and fishing?
What’s the biggest or strangest fish you have ever caught in your life?

Many fishes can be very pretty – yet tasty (Ed.) – but there are some of them that can look really weird: ugly and fascinating at the same time. Here we collected 10 of the strangest encounters you might do under the sea, the weirdest fishes you may catch with your fishing line.


1. Flying fish from outer space?

Shark Fish
By Roman Fedortsov

No, just a “beautiful” shark caught in Morocco’s fishing zone.


2. Ball fish or a fish that likes eating balls?

Ball Fish
By Roman Fedortsov

After attending and enjoying a big delicious party, you may become like this … “without losing your legs and arms”.


3. Halibut. How many eyes can you see?

Halibut Fish
By Roman Fedortsov

Is it the fish with the best view ever?



4. “Torch fish”?

Headlingh Fish
By Roman Fedortsov

If you are driving or walking in the dark and your torch is broken, might you use this fish and its “headlights”?


5. Frilled shark, I feel very hungry now!

Mega Teeth Fish
By Roman Fedortsov

Do you have problems in chewing? This fish probably doesn’t even know the meaning of this kind of problems.


6. Ceratiidae, the “sea devil”.

Sea Devils Fish
By Roman Fedortsov

When you get close to Hell and finally meet the Ceratiidae, the “sea devil” fish from the family of deep-sea anglerfish.



7. Are aliens already here?

Alien Fish
By Roman Fedortsov

“Alien” movie might not be just a film!


8. Chimaera. Sorry, not properly my type!

Chimaera Fish
By Roman Fedortsov

It’s known informally as ghost shark, rat fish, spookfish or rabbit fish.


9. Pet fish or what?

Smiling Fish
By Roman Fedortsov

… sometimes it happens that it’s look like the fish is smiling at you and asking for cuddles … or does it just want to bite you?

10. Rat fish?

Mouse Fish
By Roman Fedortsov

… but sometimes you might believe that rats live also in sea. What kind of fish is it?
Do you find it weird, terrifying, disgusting or just funny?

Well, there’s a fisherman who’s very used to it. His name Roman Fedortsov, he comes from Russia and is posting pictures, on his Instagram profile, of his catches and the view is really surprising.

Which one do you like more, for whatever reason?

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