11 Coolest Things Only Genius Blacksmiths Can Create


Do you have unused, ugly, rusty, broken or “boring” metal tools at home and would you like to transform them in the coolest gift on earth like magic? Some blacksmiths here may be genius and was able to repurpose ordinary metal objects into awesome collectable and, at the same time, useful gadgets or devices.

Watch this gallery and discover how “meaningless” objects can become really beautiful and desirable.

1. From a ratcheting wrench to an axe: to work on your motorbike in the morning … and fight in a medieval castle in the night.


2. From a belt buckle to a knife: have you ever tried to cook with your belt? But don’t try to get on an aircraft: they will stop you, as already happened!


3. From rusty nails to “warrior blades”: if you thought that rust can hurt our body, imagine how “gentle” a blade could be.



4. From ratcheting wrenches (or horseshoes) to collectible or useful kitchen knives sets: when you need to cook right after working at your car in the garage, without wasting time to change the tools, but remember to clean them first!


5. From adjustable and pipe wretches to blades: while you are fixing the silk, you can also fight against “evil forces around you”.


6. From ratcheting wretches to razors: have you ever dreamt to shave while you are working in the garage? Now you can!


7. From a sprocket and a bolt to special handles: are you ready for the battle? “But please, don’t hurt me!”



8. From a metal wire to an “ornate” knife: now it’s easier to cut with a rope.


9. From a round saw blade to sharp “weapons”. When your saw is broken and out of work, nothing is lost: don’t throw it away, because the blacksmith can “bring the fun back” with a variety of blades.


10. From a knuckle to a hand saw? Maybe it’s impractical, maybe it’s dangerous, maybe it’s for a kind of “Zombie Apocalypse”, so be wise and … use it as a wall ornament instead, what do you think?


11. From a hammer head to an axe head: you can’t probably hit nails any more, but you can cut a lot of things.

Would you collect all of them or buy some as a gift? Do you already own something similar? Do you have other cool reforged things you bought or made by yourself, even better than these ones? Show us your creativity, skills and taste … “hoping not to meet each other during an Apocalypse”.

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