12 Astonishing Industrial Designs To Make Your Lights Memorable


industrial lighting designs

Since the beginning of life, light has been an essential element for any humans and activities. While in the first days sun was the main and only source, then fire came and it was only the beginning. Science and technological innovations allowed us to have light any time, almost everywhere and in variety of ways.

As humans evolved, lighting became more and more sophisticated, going beyond its pure purpose. It’s when lighting started to be uses as part of our home décor. An interior design component that men are making more and more peculiar and creative.

Among all styles, industrial design represents a unique and original way to embellish your house with attractive and unusual shapes. By creating attractive forms and employing recycled old objects (cleverly mixed together), designers came out with amazing solutions. That’s why we selected 12 of the most attractive yet weird lightings that will make you dazzled. 12 clever ways to let lighting looks like a piece of art.

So enjoy this photo gallery and tell us which item do you prefer.

1. Bulb light flood chandelier

bulb light flood chandelier


2. Cement lights

cement lights


3. Drops of light

drops of light


4. Hooks light bulbs

hooks light bulbs


5. Indoor lantern lighting

indoor lantern lighting


6. Pulley jar lights

pulley jar lights


7. Pulley lantern light

pulley lantern light


8. Snake rope table lamp

snake rope table lamp


9. Snakes sinuous hanging lights

snakes sinuous hanging lights


10. Spotlight stage floodlight

spotlight stage floodlight


11. Turbine vents pendant lights

turbine vents pendant lights


12. Whisky bottles with light

whisky bottles with light


Would you décor your house with this style? What furniture would you match with this kind of lighting?

You may be also interested in knowing how to furnish your home with these unique industrial designs.

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