13 Spooky Sculptures That Will Make You Scared Tonight


In the past we talked about weird, bizarre and creative sculptures as a form of art and communication human use. But what if we wish to transmit fear, anxiety, terrifying images and all the horrible feelings only our mind and imagination can conceive?

We invented scary sculptures. So creepy that if we displayed them in a place, we could turn it in a ‘piece of hell’ where the most sensible individuals can feel uncomfortable and unwilling to stay. And in case you think they are just hilarious, at least you would have some good fun. So keep going and enjoy this images collection.

1. Screaming Beheaded Medusa.

beheaded medusa

A decapitated ugly female human with sharp teeth and threatening snakes. Imagine to place it in your hallway or entryway. What a lovely welcome for your guests at the next dinner party.


2. Monster Creature Inspired by Harry Potter Saga.

creature from harry potter
Karen Roe | Flickr

Do you feel enchanted? Would you like to cuddle it?


3. Giant Spider on a Building Wall.

giant spider on building wall
Wendy Mann | Flickr

The city is under attack and you can’t do anything to save your life. Its name is “La Princesse” and it’s a 15-metre (50-foot) mechanical spider designed and operated by French performance art company La Machine.


4. Il Commendatore. The dark lord is sitting in front of you, waiting to swallow your soul.

il commendatore death statue
beatbull | Flickr

This is a statue by Anna Chromy (1993), on display in Prague, Czech Republic. It depicts “Il Commendatore” from Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Spooky and mysterious, isn’t it?


5. Krampus Demons Heads. Do you find them charming?

krampus demons heads

6. Monster Tentacles out from a building. The alien invasion began.

monster tentacles street art
Eirian Evans | geograph

This is a spooky street art sculpture spotted near Bristol (Great Britain).


7. Mummy Monster. Right from the world of death.

mummy monster - olivier de sagazan
BUA | Flickr

A distressing sculpture by Olivier de Sagazan who seems to have visited some kind of hell personally, and come back to our world bringing this unpleasant vision with him.


8. Scary Black Farming Death Skull.

spooky dark skull

Halloween decoration or unusual scarecrow?


9. Spooky Zombie Statue in the Street.

spooky monument statue

What’s more effecting than a burned deadly human body ready to devour you slowly and inflicting deep unbearable pains?


10. The Ferryman’s End. He’s Sinking and Dying.

the ferryman end
Daniel Dudek | Flickr

The ferryman’s craft lies dead in the water. He’s unable to move and can no longer reach the ‘other’ shore and touch it. This sculpture is a metaphor for the individual who is losing touch with the real world.


11. The Split Man Falling Apart.

the split man
Daniel Dudek | Flickr

This is a sculpture representing the mental state of the dysfunctional human who can’t dedicate his or her life to one goal, failing to apply the true self and achieve self-realization.


12. Victim of the Plague, slowly consumed and “dragged” to death.

victim of plague wax sculpture
num lok | Flickr

A disturbing wax sculpture made in the 17th century by Gaetano Giulio Zumbo.


13. Banana Monster in a can.

banana monster

Let’s relax a bit and conclude this photo gallery making some joke. But don’t tamper with the banana too much: it might bite you if you try to eat it.

What’s your taste when it comes to art? Would you put some of these sculptures in your house? If you’re an Addams, maybe your family members will be delighted by your new purchase.

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