How People In 1900s Imagined Year 2000 In 12 Amazing Vintage Futuristic Postcards


During our existence we’ve always desired to know how the future will be, leading us to produce amazing futurist paintings (in past centuries) and films (in current days).

In 1900s, when industrialization made people think everything could have been realized, a German chocolate company, Hildebrands, drew 12 amazing vintage postcards depicting how life could have looked like one century later, in year 2000.

Some ideas are definitely a reality and even went beyond, others are still a sci-fi concept, but we may potentially see them in the near future (with the due adjustments to the current technology).

1. A Quick Stroll on the Water

a quick stroll on the water postard

The futuristic vision of the current surfing or other marine sports?


2. The Moving Pavement

the moving pavement postard

The fundaments for a mobile house? For sure in year 2000 we were able to create this and more.


3. House-Moving by Train

house-moving by train postcard

This has yet to happen, but we all know that we still invented moving houses and recently designed a fully demountable stadium.



4. Televised Outside Broadcasting

televised outside broadcasting postcard

Well, it looks like the modern projector. For sure they predicted well the future (at least a little part of it).


5. Personal Flying Machines

personal flying machines postcard

As today, rich people definitely have their personal helicopter or aeroplane. The design and technology may be different, but the idea is already a reality if we think a transport service drone for people has been already created and a flying taxi with folding wings will be active in Russia from 2018.


6. Weather Control Machine

weather control machine postcard

If you do a quick research on google you will discover this is a very contemporary, viral yet controversial topic with people admitting it’s just a myth, or others telling weather modification is a reality whatever is the reason.


7. Combined Ship and Railway Locomotive

combined ship and railway locomotive postcard

This prediction can be considered partially realized if we think about underwater railway tunnels or amphibian vehicles: right idea, different product specification.



8. Undersea Tourist Boats

undersea tourist boats postcard

Submarines could be a contemporary example of how this is possible nowadays.


9. Roofed Cities

roofed cities postcard

It may not make a lot of sense keeping a whole city out of the environment, hence isolated from the benefits of nature. Despite that, it can be surely doable in our days. Maybe if the climate became extreme, dangerous and unbearable, humans would start to ‘lock’ theme selves into domed cities (what an exciting life -Ed.).


10. Personal Airships

personal airships postcard

In 19th-century, people couldn’t know how far our technology and design would have gone, but they were definitely right when they imagined we could fly.


11. Summer Holidays at the North Pole

north pole holiday postcard

The means of transportation are different, but here their prediction was right. Even if most people still prefer a hot tropical beach, a summer (or holiday) at the North Pole is something the most adventurous people already do.


12. Police X-Ray Surveillance Machine

Police X-Ray Surveillance Machine

With all the spy technology available nowadays, I think we are very close to that, if it’s not just a ‘secret’ reality.

In your opinion, which prediction has become a reality and what do you think we have to expect in the future?

Credits: Paleo Future


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