11 Mind Blowing 3D Nail Art Designs For Charming, Eccentric And Exuberant People


3d nail art design

To any fashion and pretty look lovers. If you feel attracted by nails, this post will be your “must-read” resource, your “must-go” place where you can go to get some bright ideas about nail decorations. Last month we discovered 10 beautiful floral designs to make any girl and woman more charming and stylish. Today we go more exuberant with stunning 3D nail art designs for ‘normal’ and eccentric people. The following 11 ideas will blow your mind and will surely attract the attention of everyone around you.

Would you like to make your nails an awesome conversation starter? These 11 creative images will make a useful suggestion for your next nail decoration.

1. Cartoon Themed 3D nail art.

cartoon themed 3d nail art
WorldSkills UK | Flickr


2. Cream Bows with Swarovski Crystals. A full set of acrylic nails with white glitter dust on tips.

cream bows 3d nail art
Joanne Duckmanton | Flickr


3. Funny Monster with 3D googly eyes by Buzz Buzz.

funny monster 3d nail art
Neil Milne | Flickr



4. Halloween Bubbles. Ready for your next party?

halloween bubble 3d nail art
pumpkincat210 | Flickr


5. 3D designs created by the manicurist Hatsuki Furutani.

hatsuki furutani 3d nail art video
Transforming | Vimeo

This is a 3D Printed Nail stop motion animation by Planner/Director Mizuki Kawano and Producer Yuna Takayama from Taiyokikaku Co., Ltd.


6. Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street with fake grass.

oscar the grouch 3d nail art
KayleighOC | Deviantart


7. Pikachu and Yellow Fuzz.

pikachu 3d nail art
KayleighOC | Deviantart



8. Pink Roses. Would you use this design for your next glamour event.

rose flower 3d nail art
A K | Flickr


9. Little Toadstools in the garden with fake grass.

toadstools on grass nail art
KayleighOC | Deviantart


10. Wedding Nails with Flowers using 3D acrylic and one stroke.

wedding 3d nail art
EyeCandyNails | Flickr


11. Icy Glitter and Tiny Candy Canes 3D nail art.

wintry candy cane 3d nail art
KayleighOC | Deviantart

Do you feel a bit Christmassy (or cold)? This may be a nice idea for your next winter holiday.

Whatever taste and mood you have, there are plenty of options to decorate your nails and make your look stylish and unique. What kind of design do you prefer? Stay tuned because in next months we will discover other styles that may impress you or, at least, make a good starting point for your next manicure.


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