Record Breaking Animals: 7 Cases Of Stunning, Massive And Breathtaking Animals Ever Found In The World


If you are here you probably love animals and hope to get impressed by their nature. Today you’ve chosen the right path and you will discover some amazing record breaking animals that will make you shout loud wow. From sweet elegant cats to cute friendly dogs and massive reptiles. Images and videos will reveal you which animals hold the best records and why.

1. Arcturus Aldebaran Powers – the tallest cat

Arcturus is definitely the tallest living domestic cat in the world, with a 48,4cm (190.5 inches) heigh. It’s an F2 Savannah cat (mixture of domestic and African Serval) bred by Starfell Savannahs in Traverse City Michigan.

arcturus aldebaran powers the tallest cat


2. Cygnus – the longest cat tail

Having a tail that measures 44.66 cm (17.58 inches), this silver Maine Coon has the longest tail on earth on a living domestic cat. So long that his body is shorter. Cygnus has entered the pages of the new Guinness World Records 2018 Edition. And there’s more: Cygnus is Arcturus’ brother. So, two records under the same roof.


3. Reptile Gardens (South Dakota, Usa) – largest reptile house

Hosting 255 different species of reptiles, this animal park broke the record for the largest reptile zoo in the world.



4. Galápagos Tortoise – world’s largest tortoises

Some specimens of this reptile can be over 5 feet long and reach 550 pounds. You can find them at the Reptile Gardens too. How long can they live? More than 100 years in the wild. You can discover more on National Geographic.

galápagos tortoise world's largest tortoises


5. Goliath frog, largest in the world

Weighting up to 3.3kg and measuring 320mm from snout to vent, these massive amphibians (Conraua goliath) can be defined the largest frogs on earth. If you want to see them get ready to visit a narrow range in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon.

goliath frog largest in the world


6. Freddy – the tallest dog

When this Great Dane was adopted it was the smallest of the litter. Now Freddy is 1.035m high and the world’s tallest dog. How much does he cost? £4,000 a year.


7. Mochi – the longest dog tongue

With an impressive 18.58 cm (7.3 in) long tongue, from snout to tip, this female St Bernard from South Dakota (USA) holds the Guinness World Records for the dog with the longest tongue in 2016. This is another case from the series “from Hell to Heaven” (Ed.). In fact, Mochi was once an abused and neglected pup. Now this rescued dog had its revenge and achieved happiness and success in some way.

Do you know any other new breathtaking, record breaking animals? We will be happy to add them to the list.


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