The Worst Skier in The World And His Astonishing Performance


adrian solano lahti 2017 start

We are at the Lahti Nordic World Ski Championships and this is the story of Adrian Solano and his “astonishing” performance at Nordic titles. His video got viral on the web, attracting a lot of support and critics. This man earned the title of world’s worst skier and this video demonstrates how embarrassing (or funny) his performance was.

The 22-year-old man looked like a professional showman or stuntman who does really like jokes and attract the attention of the audience, because of his bad (or unlucky performance). Someone could even think that the circus has arrived to the snow -Ed. During the competition Adrian Solano collected countless slips and falls … and got up more than 30 times: just a joke or a hapless performance?

adrian solano lahti 2017 ground

We are here today to reveal you the truth: this skier comes from the city of Maracay (Venezuela) and never practised on snow before. On the contrary, he had never seen the snow at all and just trained himself on asphalt, learning to ski on wheels. Have you ever skied on asphalt? If you had, you should know that snow has definitely a different texture. That’s why you can see Solano so proud and happy at the end of his performance, despite his result: it was his long dream to compete abroad on a real snow and he never gave up (someone would have stopped even after his first fall).

Interviewed, Solano explained that his country is so poor – close to the collapse because of a huge economic crisis – that people earn just few dollars a month. His friends helped him save enough money to flight to Europe, but once arrived in Paris airport with just 28 Euros, he was forced to go back to Venezuela just five days later.

adrian solano lahti 2017 end

And then his story attracted the attention of Aleksi Valavuori (Finish TV personality) who set up a crowdfunding campaign and raised more than 4,000 Euros to help Solano come back again to Europe, able to participate in the competition. Valavuori was really like a guardian angel for Solano, letting him realize his big dream.

So let’s see what happened during the titles and let us know what you think about this skier.


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