10 Of The Most Amazing and Creative Ads That Will Blow Your Mind


“Advertising is an audio or visual form of marketing communication that employs an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea.”

Do you have a product or service to sell (included yourself)? You have to promote you before or after, in a way or another, or you will remain “invisible”.

Over the years, with the development of competition and tools, advertising became more and more creative and aggressive, in order to attract the attention of the audience, be memorable and stimulate an action. We selected 10 of the most amazing and stunning ads humans created during the last decades that will make you shout loud wow.


1. Sprite Shower

The famous soft drink company decided to create a cool promotional effect with this shower, designed to look like a giant Sprite soda dispenser, set up on popular beaches in Brazil and Israel.

by Ogilvy Ad Agency


2. Mars Truck Size

The company may have thought to make any driver hungry with this Mars bar-like truck. The “giant snack” seems to exit from the truck and it’s ready for a bite or more. Yummy, isn’t it?
A 3D advertising campaign on the road for the well known Mars chocolate company. Do you think it can be effective?

mars truck size

We couldn’t find out who actually realized this campaign. Do you know it? We would like to give them credit.


3. KitKat Bench

“Have a break, have a KitKat Bench”. Another nice example of Guerrilla Marketing where the USP is incorporated in nature, the audience engagement is included into the idea and an effective call-to-action message is added to the idea itself.
Do you feel the need to stop by the next market to purchase a KitKat bar now?

kitkat bench

Another “yummy” ad campaign created by Russell Ramsay (Creative Director), Ben Markey (Art Director) and Mitul Shar (Copywriter) of JWT in London.



4. Nike’s Seatless Bench

“Just don’t sit, run”. This is the message Nike wanted to convey through this outdoor ad campaign.

nike seatless bench ads

An ingenious idea by Anna Echiverri.


5. Law & Order Outdoor Lamp

When the creativity can stimulate your feelings.

law order outdoor lamp ads

A simple but yet attractive ad campaign by Colenso BBDO Agency in Auckland for TV3 New Zealand.


6. Hanging straps

“Try it here: The Big Pilot’s Watch.” Images of the watch attached on the hanging straps in buses. Anybody was able to easily try it on, on the way to the aeroplane.

hanging straps iwc watch ads

This is the ambient campaign published in June 2006 and created for IWC’s Big Pilot’s Watch by Jung von Matt/Alster (agency), Susanne Härtwig (copywriter) and Simon Hiebl (art director).



7. MacFries Pedestrian Crossing

The idea came out during the biggest public festival in Switzerland, the Zurifest in 2010. They used and restyled the crossing in front of one of the restaurants.

macfries pedestrian crossing ads

Ambient advertisement created by TBWA, Switzerland for McDonald’s, within the category: Food.


8. Coca-Cola Ambient Ad in Bucharest

Do you feel thirsty? Whether yes or not, this ad surely attracts a big attention.

coca-cola ambient ad in bucharest ads

Do you know the creators? We couldn’t find it. Can you help us?


9. Snake Bus

A giant constrictor snake squeezing aa complete Copenhagen city bus.

snake bus copenhagen zoo ads

A stunning 2009 ambient ad for the Copenhagen Zoo by Bates Y&R agency, Denmark.


10. BIC Razor Billboard

In March 2006 the company started this creative and amazing ambient ad campaign. If it can shave the meadow, imagine you -Ed.

bic razor billboard ads

Do you know the creative artist behind this ad?

Do you like Guerilla Marketing and ambient ads? How much do you feel involved and stimulated to buy the product?


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