Russian Aeroflot Airlines Moves Attendants Because Old, Ugly And Fat, But Court Orders To Compensate Them

aeroflot attendant

We are here with another flight incident. But this time less entertaining. We’re going to talk about flight attendants. Is there anyone of you who get on board just to admire the beauty of stewardesses?. If the reply is a “yes”, I’m sorry to say it’s very sad to hear that.

But despite all, Evgenija Magurina and other colleagues of hers, attendants of Aeroflot Airlines, must have thought that beauty and sex appeal might be exactly what passengers want, when they have been moved off international routes onto local flights with a lower pay, because of their age, overweight and unattractiveness. For them, Aeroflot shows discriminations and Magurina sued the Russian airlines for their decision.

Magurina told all stewardesses were photographed, weighed and measured by the company last year, supposedly to order new uniforms. But the truth revealed to be different: only pretty, skinny and young girls can stay on international routes. Is it right or unfair? Let’s hear what Aeroflot had to say.

A spokesperson of the airlines denied the accusations of discrimination. The company doesn’t want to discriminate anyone, whatever is the age, sex, weight, appearance, political or religious convictions. On the contrary, they just followed the Russian labour laws that allows employers to consider how the body weight influences the safety of the flight.

“An overweighted body prevents the rapid movement of a flight attendant on the aisles”. In addition, “each extra kilos of weight on board a flight can increase the consumption of fuel as much as 800 roubles (around $13) per year.” Not to mention that “excessive weight could slow down emergency evacuations.” The company also noted that other airlines in India, China and Uzbekistan already has restrictions on cabin crew.

aeroflot hostess removed
Aeroflot Hostess Evgenija Magurina. Picture: AP

Can these reasons be real and enough to remove women employees from their job place? Is it really a safety measure or just gender discrimination? (or we should call it “appearance discrimination”). Is this the world you want? “Can you work only if you are ‘bad/evil'”; “Can the position be yours only if you are sexy and available”; “Are you nothing and deserve to disappear if you don’t conform”. Is that true? Or can we consider these words just fantasy questions to which the reply is just “no way, the world is all fair and right and people are all 100% saints”?. I don’t have the answer, nor I know everything, hence it’s not up to me to judge – someone else will do that when it’s time, believe it or not -Ed.

But despite my opinions – or questions – it’s a fact that Magurina was allegedly told she had “big cheeks and a big bust”: maybe too much for the size requirements specified for the cabin crew (Russian size 48 – U.S. size 12). Therefore, the attendant decided to sue the company.

At first, last April, Magurina and another colleague of hers (Ierusalimskaya) lost ‘temporary’ their battle with their case thrown out of the Russian court. But now, according to The Guardian, the court changed the verdict and found that the airlines’ rules were at fault. Aeroflot were ordered to compensate the two attendants Evgenia Magurina (42) and Irina Ierusalimskaya (45) for the earnings lost: 17,000 roubles (around $295) for the former and 11,000 roubles (around $191) for the latter, plus 5,000 roubles (around $86) in damages for both.

aeroflot stewardesses
Pascal Rossignol | Reuters

The compensation is surely not too much. On the contrary, it’s far less than the half a million roubles they spent in the legal battle. But the two women, they explained, “didn’t do that for money, but to acknowledge the court (and people/society -Ed.) that you can’t treat people like that.”

What do you think? Are you too, among those who do things only if you see a pretty sexy woman? Weather you reply here or not, at least I hope you will ask the question and reply to yourself.


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