Old Ambulance Transformed Into A Travelling House And Now It’s Bringing This Guy Around Americas


ambulance transformed into travelling house

Ian had a dream, to buy a sprinter and enjoy a good time. But he got burned by a Craiglist seller and crashed his motorcycle and it was then that his life had a breakthrough: travel the world – at least part of it – driving an ambulance and now he’s happy with his simple but free life.

This is the story of Ian Dow who had the idea to purchase a used ambulance from a charity through eBay and he even saved money paying just $2,800 – much less than a sprinter. In addition, his money will be used for a good cause thanks to the charity organization.

ambulance before transformed into travelling house

That’s when the big adventure of Ian started. He finished the ambulance with material he liked, put the teak floors, a subway tiled kitchen, cedar-lined closet, exotic hardwood table, and bamboo cutting surfaces. After six months all was completed and his reborn ‘creature’ was ready to bring him to new places and a new life. He got on with nothing by himself, few things, a guitar and his loyal friend ‘Dino’ the dog.

ambulance transformed into travelling house and dog

But before leaving, there was only one thing left: the new ‘mobile home’ had to have a name – you can’t live with something (or someone) that doesn’t have a name, can you? So ‘El Salvador’ seemed to be the more appropriate. Well, during its ‘ordinary’ life an ambulance saves people, maybe this time it’s been saving him too, but in a totally different way.

inside ambulance transformed into travelling house

Ian left California and his adventure – or quest – began. He started travelling south through Baja, across the ferry to mainland Mexico, then “hugged the Pacific coastline surfing and fishing along the way south through Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua,” he said to ABC News.

And now he is in Costa Rica with another friend who joined him on this ‘big adventure’. All three, Ian, Griffin and Dino, are spending great days together and they don’t have any intention to leave.

dog inside ambulance transformed into travelling house

But why is he doing that? Was his life too poor or bad? For 10 years he did several jobs that many may found very cool and interesting (“art director on a film, a set designer and fabricator, an artist manager, music producer, graphic designer, painter,” he said), while he was spending the free moments with his girlfriend, making music together. It sounds good, right? Well, one day it happened they broke up. And maybe his working life too was not so good as it may looks like. One thing is for sure, there are at least two things that money can’t buy: love and time (or freedom).

sunset ambulance transformed into travelling house

So has the ambulance been ‘saving’ him from himself? From the current life style and system we humans have nowadays? Well, Griffin too, his friend, experienced the end of a relationship – something in common, right? Does this make things a little bit clearer? We can’t really know and judge. So let’s just enjoy this amazing story that, apparently, is bringing them happiness and satisfaction.

above ambulance transformed into travelling house

If you are wondering how he can pay his travel, Ian declared that living on the road is quite cheap and in order to survive you just need some little funds. If you would like to know more you can follow his adventure on his Instagram profile.

Would you live in this way too? What’s your ‘saviour’? What can make you really happy and free?

Credits: ABC News | TwistedSifter


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