10+ Animal Print Duvet Covers That Will Blow Your Mind (and Improve Your Sleep) Tonight


It’s still summer and hot here, but it won’t last for so long. And what about the regions nearer the poles such as North America or Europe? Before or after anyone will desire to go to sleep in the warmth of his bed, under a soft and beautiful duvet cover.


Like any other home décor item, bed covers are part of your house decoration. They are already sweet and attractive alone (especially when we are tired and freezing). But what if there is a way to make them even sweeter, charming and lovable? Welcome to the gorgeous world of the printed duvet covers that can give your bed life and a soul.

In this article we are going to show you 10+ ways to make your bed hugely beautiful and cute thanks to animal print duvet covers. The following list of 14 covers will blow your mind and melt your heart. Whatever animal you like, this selection, from Salva Direct retailer company, will satisfy your needs of sweetness and cuddles with pillows and duvet covers that will change the way you sleep (or at least the way you see your bed -Ed.).

Let’s divide them in categories, so that you can have a clearer view and faster selection.


1. Bulldog duvet cover. Your bed is ready to talk.

bulldog duvet cover


2. Sweet pug. You are going to melt in front of those eyes.

sweet pug dog duvet cover


3. Crouching pug. Your bed will look like it’s waiting for you to join the night.

crouching pug duvet cover


4. Cat. Those yellow eyes amidst a fluffy grey fur will make the bed a stunning focal point. Don’t you feel the need to hug your bed now?

cat duvet cover




5. Lion. Just feel a king for a moment and relax.

lion duvet cover


6. Leopard. For a sexy night and…

leopard duvet cover


7. Tiger. Your bed has never been so regal.

tiger duvet cover


8. White tiger. Wild and yet stylish.

white tiger duvet cover



9. Black Panther. Let’s go mysterious and sensual.

black panter duvet cover



10. Black Horse. Can you feel the elegance and freedom of this beautiful animal?

black horse duvet cover


11. Brown Bear. What’s warmer than a furry and tender bear?

brown bear duvet cover


12. Polar Bear Family. This doesn’t need a lot of explanations: it’s simply heart-warming.

polar bear family duvet cover


13. Siberian Husky Dog. For any dog lovers.

siberian husky dog duvet cover


14. Wolf. That smiling face can be nothing but adorable…like the sleep you are going to have.

wolf duvet cover

Which duvet cover do you prefer? I would get all of them (Ed.).

Credits: Salva Direct


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