How To Have A Toast With Your Pet Safely With This Innovative Cat And Dog Wine


apollo peak wine for dogs and cats

According to experts, wine and grape fruits are dangerous for your pet (dog or cat), and must be avoided. But there’s a company in USA that found a way to produce a safe wine for your fluffy friend: Apollo Peak with its Cat and Dog Wine.

FamilyPet warns us about the danger of letting your dog drink wine. The main causes are alcohol and grape. The former depresses a dog’s central nervous system and changes the animal’s blood chemistry. The latter is highly toxic to dogs, developing kidney failure and inability to produce urine.

apollo peak dog wine

Despite that, your pet might appreciate grapes and wine and Apollo Peak Inc. didn’t want to leave them apart. Therefore they decided to create fine snack beverages for your feline and canine friends: Cat Wine and Dog Wine that don’t put them in danger. For the first time, you can have a toast with your pet too. Don’t you feel excited?

  • These amazing drinks are uniquely brewed and packaged with 100% natural ingredients and fresh rocky mountain water.

  • They are non alcoholic: your dog or cat won’t “lose control”.

  • They contain only organic herbs: fresh organic catnip, peppermint, chamomile and other herbs grown in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

  • They use only fresh, organic beets grown in the U.S.A.

apollo peak cat wine

The company got creative and created a complete line that includes wine and champagne. Next New Year’s Eve your pet will be able to join the party and celebrations with a tasty “charDOGnay”, “mosCATo” or “CATbernet”. And if you don’t know how to properly serve the drink – or you would like to make things more glamorous – Apollo Peak also sells special wine glasses, specifically designed for your dog and cat.

What does your pet like to drink? Did you already know about this special wine for animals? Tell us your experience.


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