Leonardo Frigo: The Artist Who Paints And Writes On Violins And Turns Them Into Unique Masterpieces

leonado frigo turns violins into pantings
Leonardo Frigo

It’s summer, I’m finally on holiday, relaxing under the sun on the beach and my preferred pastime is reading. But what if I forgot my book at home? Don’t worry, you can use your instrument. In London there’s a talented guy who found a creative way to write stories and more. His name is Leonardo Frigo, and his papers are violins.

This young man lives and works in London and loves to paint on violins and cellos. Thanks to this artist, you can read about events, stories and biographies, while you play music.

Symbols, images, texts, everything is good to decorate his instruments and make them unique masterpieces. It’s a so hard, slow and long work that it takes him more than 3 weeks to complete just one violin, but it’s worth waiting.

violin painted by leonardo frigo
Leonardo Frigo

If you are passionate of art, the peculiar and unusual paintings of Leonardo Frigo, whose canvas is made of ebony, will leave you astonished. This artist is able to make an instrument amazing not only for its sound but also for its look.

Some of his artworks (just to give you an idea)?

1. The seven deadly sins, where each violin depicts a capital defect through symbols, illustrations and names (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth).

2. An amazing tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, representing some of his paintings on a violin 4/4.

3. A detailed representation of “The Four Seasons” inspired by A. Vivaldi’s musical work.

violins painted by leonardo frigo
Leonardo Frigo

Leonardo’s creativity seems to be limitless and his talent is so big that he participated to art exhibitions across the world (Italy, UK, France, South Korea).

Do you own a violin or cello? Maybe now you can make it unique and memorable thanks to Leonardo Frigo.


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