Atlas, First Humanoid Robot Who Can Walk On Rough Terrain, Jump And Perform Backflips

atlas humanoid robot perform jump
Boston Dynamics

It was bought by Google in 2013 and is making Terminator film a reality. Are you afraid? Maybe you should…or maybe not.

What makes things evil? A bad use by bad guys. So we hope this won’t be the case, otherwise get ready for a real Terminator and machine vs. human war. We are talking about robotics and the creation of robots with skills similar to humans. This time the protagonist is Boston Dynamics and its robot Atlas. The first non-human two legs free-standing humanoid able to jump and backflip like only the best athletes can do.

Considering the potentially high power a robot can have, imagine what might happen in the future. Boston Dynamics company is changing our idea of what robots can do and with Atlas they are moving to the next level.

Atlas is considered the world’s most dynamic humanoid. Using balance and whole-body skills, this robot can achieve two-handed mobile manipulation. The company developed a new innovative control system able to coordinate motions of the arms, torso and legs, and the result is stunning. Thanks to this technology, Atlas has the ability to balance while performing tasks. In addition, a stereo vision and sensors let it manipulate objects and travel on rough terrain.

To show the astonishing achievement the company published a video on YouTube while Atlas is performing acrobatic jumping…and this may be just the beginning.

What do you think about this technology? How do you see the future? Full of comfort and possibilities or a threat that may degenerate like in any sci-fi story? What’s sure is that what was shown in sci-fi films 50 years ago are now a reality…which one will become real in the next 50 years?

Credits: Boston Dynamics


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