How To Take Cute Heart-Melting Pictures With Azuki, The Japanese Hedgehog Who Likes Going Camping

hedgehog azuki goes on camping trip
hedgehog_azuki | Instagram

Tiny things have always been cute and amazing, mainly if they are miniaturised but full of details, or if they are a small version of an ‘adult’ object/element. For example clothes and shoes for babies, or miniature furniture in doll houses. But what if we add cuteness to cuteness? The result is heart-melting and the vision so hypnotic.

This is what’s happening with “Azuki”, a Japanese tiny hedgehog pet caught on camera in lovely poses and situations. For the occasion, the owner brought him in the forest to do camping and rafting. Azuki was shot while enjoying the moments with miniaturised camping equipment, and the images are heart-warming and going incredibly viral.


Azuki in the tent…and it looks quite comfortable.

hedgehog azuki goes on camping trip tent
hedgehog_azuki | Instagram


The funny tiny creature while collecting some logs for the fire.

hedgehog azuki goes on camping trip wood
hedgehog_azuki | Instagram


Azuki the Hedgehog during cooking a tasty lunch.

hedgehog azuki goes on camping trip barbeque
hedgehog_azuki | Instagram


Our unusual hedgehog enjoying the lunch on the table while sitting on a tiny folding chair.

hedgehog azuki goes on camping trip eat
hedgehog_azuki | Instagram


Azuki while relaxing and looking up at the sky: are you waiting for the falling stars?

hedgehog azuki goes on camping trip relax
hedgehog_azuki | Instagram


Our cute little ‘pointed’ friend ready to sail the river with a modern canoe.

hedgehog azuki goes on camping trip canoe
hedgehog_azuki | Instagram

Azuki is having a lot of adventures. To discover and follow them you can visit his Instagram profile @hedgehog_azuki.

Do you like hedgehogs and other tiny animals? Which one do you prefer?


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