Baby Rhino Loves Being Cuddled With Long Brush And His Reaction Is So Sweet

baby rhino loves cuddled brush singapore
Youtube Screenshot

In a Natural Wildlife Reserve in Singapore, among many different and amazing animals, there is a 32-year-old rhino called Donsa. Few days ago she gave to birth her 11th calf and he might become the main attraction of the place. He is the first boy calf they had in 5 years and just after 5 days from his birth, as if he was a human or a pet, he already loved to be scratched and his reaction was so cute and heart-warming.

This little creature is a specimen of white rhinoceros. This species was at risk of extinction recently. Therefore, a new born is always exciting and a symbol of success.

In their adult age, white rhinos are the second largest land mammal after the elephant, so let’s enjoy this ‘baby’ until he is small and sweet.

On this video you can see the keepers cuddling it with a long brush, as part of his early conditioning, allowing him to feel comfortable around them and less resistant to touch – which will be a good thing for the future medical examinations.

The rhino calf has no name yet, but he is extremely curious and playful and get excited very easily – like any baby. And this make the vision even more amazing and memorable.

Let’s wait to see how they will call him. In the meantime you can stay tuned for updates and follow him on Facebook.


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