Cute Encounter Between a Man and a Curious Baby Seal


Any living beings on this planet belongs to nature, whatever are the place and way in which they actually come to birth. Maybe that’s why we humans (at least most of us), always feel so attracted by nature and its creatures. To feed ourselves or share love and fun. So, whenever we may experience a close encounter with an animal (domestic or wild), we feel strong emotions, almost any time (whether they are happiness, love or fear).

For that reason, being a documentary photographer can surely give us a lot of opportunities to meet a wide range of animals, observe their behaviour and ecosystem. Sometimes we may have surprising encounters that we will remember for our entire life.

The man on this video, as a documentarian, may have fulfilled his dream (in job and life). He has the opportunity to get up close and personal with a large variety of animals. Sometimes it could be good, but in other occasions, it could come with some risks. This is the time when you wonder whether it’s really worth the risk.

So this is what this videographer might have thought when he encountered a colony of elephant seals and, suddenly, a baby started approaching him. What did he wonder before the close encounter? And after it? Will it be dangerous and brutal or lovely and cute?

Watch by yourself how “brutal” the attack of this baby elephant seal was against the man.


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