What If Barbie And Ken Were Russian And Lived The Soviet Union?

barbie and ken lived soviet union
Lara Vychuzhanina | Instagram

Famous dolls Barbie and Ken left their usual ‘world’ and jumped back in time to live the Soviet Union. This is the art of Russian artist and photographer Lara Vychuzhanina and the attention to details is impressive.

The artist imagined how Barbie and Ken life would be and look if they were transported to the old USSR. She recreated the same style and atmosphere of that period and location. The two dolls changed their habits, clothes and house and the miniaturised elements of the artwork are incredible detailed.

The big and rich western style house of the world’s most famous dolls – who inspired million of people all around the planet (surgeries included) – becomes a communal apartment (“kommunalka in Russian language) widely used by many families from the October Revolution up to the 1980s.

In Lara Vychuzhanina‘s artwork the two ‘sweethearts’ share the kitchen, bathroom and toilet and the photos depicted them in common situations that promptly remind the Soviet Union. This is how she imagined them.

Ken sitting at a table with vodka, cigarettes and the local Pravda newspaper.

barbie and ken lived soviet union
Lara Vychuzhanina | Instagram


Barbie doing the washing up, in the traditional Russian housewife dress.

barbie lived soviet union and wash clothes
Lara Vychuzhanina | Instagram


Barbie drinking a cup of coffee or tea after a bath.

barbie lived soviet union and drink cofee
Lara Vychuzhanina | Instagram


The two ‘sweethearts’ having, maybe, breakfast or a snack together (if a vodka can be considered like that).

barbie and ken lived soviet union and make breakfast
Lara Vychuzhanina | Instagram

A user on twitter said “The kitchen should be two times smaller. Rooms in Soviet houses are tiny, especially kitchens. Everything else is perfect.

What do you think? How accurate the work is? Which period, society, country and culture would you like to see the couple to be transported next time?


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