17 Scariest Halloween Costume And Mask Ideas For A Guaranteed Fear


Just few days left for people to get ready for the ‘scariest’ day of the year: Halloween. Every time the creativity becomes protagonist, and people try to create (or buy) and wear the best costume ever seen around. It may be funny, weird, unusual or…spooky. We searched the web to find 17 of the scariest or most impressive Halloween costumes and masks ideas. Maybe you’ve already wore one of them or you was able to do better. Whatever is yours, in this article let’s just have some funny – or terrifying – moments, discovering 17 creepy horror costumes that can get you inspired or scared.

1. Tight-Lipped Girl. Nobody is going to talk tonight.

be afraid_tight-lipped girl
Picdumps | izismile.com


2. Devil Woman. Would you marry her?

devil woman
Paul Hocksenar | Flikr


3. Evil monster. The Devil Woman’s husband?

evil monster

4. Female Clown. To some people clowns are quite scaring, but this one is even more.

female clown



5. Grady Sisters Axed. Bleeding girls are always a guarantee.

grady sisters axed
SuperSweetSauce | reddit


6. Krampus. Do you believe in demons? This one is “half-goat, half-demon” and its origin belongs to pre-Christian Alpine traditions.


7. Perchta or Berchta (English: Bertha). It was once known as a goddess in Alpine paganism in the Upper German regions of the Alps.

perchta: in lower bavaria
High Contrast | Wikimedia Commons


8. Pregnant Zombie. The effect is stunning, isn’t it?

pregnant zombie
Ian Aberle | Flickr



9. Regan MacNeil from “The Exorcist” film.

regan macneil - the exorcist
Steve Baker | Flickr


10. Scary Clown. This mask could frighten both kids and adults.

scary clown
Brave Heart | Flickr


11. Snow White Zombie. The fairy tale goes dark.

snow white zombie

12. Spooky Scarecrow. Your crops are safe for this season.

spooky scarecrow
Michel Curi | Flickr



13. Zip Face. When you say “reveal yourself”.

zip face
Tim Bartel | Flickr


14. Zombie Baby Maternity Costume. When the cuteness becomes scary! You can even learn how to make it with the video tutorial. Do you feel enough evil today?


15. Zombie Man And Girl. An evergreen classic.

zombie man and girl
Ricky Brigante | Flickr


16. Zombie Nurse. Who should take care of you, now may kill you.

zombie nurse
Paul Hocksenar | Flickr


17. “Silence Of The Lambs” Dog. Is your pet like a family member? He deserves a costume, then. If this is not scary, at least it’s funny and cute, and this article is all about fun.

silence of the lambs - dog
istolethetv | Flickr

Do you celebrate this holiday? What’s your preferred costume? For some people, Halloween is the occasion to worship the Devil and open the gates of Hell, without even being aware of it – which is the most effective way (Ed.). What do you think? Is this just about fun or is there more to unveil?


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