15+ Best Sprouts Anyone Can Eat: Why They Are Healthy And How To Grow Them At Home


best sprouts can eat

Who said you must be big in order to be powerful? Plants experts know that this is true also for plants.

Anyone who likes vegetables and taking care of his own health, must know that there are sprouts that can be eaten, even if they are little and looks like meaningless and not ready for anything. They are indeed some of the most nutrient food on the planet and give a lot of benefits to your body. Last but not least, they can be grown at home easily and everybody can do it. In this article you will discover 15+ of the best edible sprouts, what they are good for and how to grow and eat them.

Whatever is the plant you like, you don’t really need to go to the shop: you can plant the seeds in a container, place it in a bright corner of your kitchen and wait for them to “come to life” and be ready to be transferred right on you plate…(and from it into your stomach).

Chinese people have been eating them since 5,000 B.C. Thanks to sprouts soldiers of Ancient Rome could survive during their war campaigns. What they needed to do was just to put the seeds on a sack and wait for them to sprout thanks to the contact with their hot and wet body. Few centuries later, between the 19th and 20th century, Western explorers and missioners who went to Asia discovered that sprouts were the fundamental components of people’s nutrition. Sprouts were even the one and only food eaten by “Hunza” people, giving them great strength and extraordinary longevity.

Some examples:

Mustard sprouts: the cleaners of the liver.

People who eat them can detox their liver, and you should already know that once this organ gets damaged your life becomes a nightmare.

Sunflower sprouts: the gym for your muscles.

If you it them, you will support greatly what you build with your sport and gym activities.

Green peas sprouts: the tireless fighters against anaemia.

If blood could talk, it would thank you for eating them.

Sprouts are very energetic and particularly good for vegetarians who lack of proteins in their diet. Unlike seeds, they are all easy to be assimilated and digested and can be eaten row without any side effects. Therefore, they are ideal for children and elder people.

Other choices:

Wheat, green soy, barley, buckwheat, spelt, watercress, alfalfa, garden cress, sesame, legumes such as beans and lentils.

The easiest sprouts to grow and the healthiest to eat:


alfalfa sprouts can eat

they contain all the important vitamins. Sweet and delicate, they are ideal for salads.



broccoli sprouts can eat

they grow in 4-6 days and have a strong and delicious taste. They don’t have the peculiar smell, but feature the same properties: immune system strengthening and cancer prevention.



sunflower sprouts can eat

they are sweet (similar to walnut) and one of the tastiest and most healthy sprouts: a great addition to any salad.



watercress sprouts can eat

they come with a spicy and strong taste, and can make any salad unique. They can depurate your body and control the sugar levels.


Greek Hay (Fenugreek):

fenugreek sprouts can eat

they have a spicy taste and can boost the digestion process. Just take care to eat them when they are small, unless you love bitter flavours. People who eat them can benefit from vitamin A and B, iron, phosphor and other minerals.

How to prepare them:

  1. Keep them in water the whole night;
  2. Put them into a container with holes that will facilitate the flowing of water (alternatively you can use a jar);
  3. Wait 3-5 days for the sprouts to grow;
  4. Pick them up and put them directly on your plate (or in your meal), ready to be eaten immediately without any additional treatment and cooking.

Sprouts can be eaten by anyone, kids included, unless they have some kind of allergy: consult a doctor in case you have any doubts.

To know more you can read this list of sprouting seeds.

What kind of “eater” are you? Have you ever tried sprouts in your life? Which one you prefer?


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