10 Extraordinary Places Around The World Where You Can Admire The Show Of The Colour Of The Year 2017: “Ultra Violet”


2016 was the year of “greenery” colour, elected by the famous Pantone company. This year 2017 the choice is the “ultra violet”. To celebrate it, we listed 10 famous and stunning places around the world dominated by this colour, either natural phenomenon, buildings, art, public services or landscapes.

The winner country is France with three placements, but the list is literally a journey around the world, from America, to China, passing through the Middle East. For the most technical readers, the colour is the so called “Pantone 18-3838 Ultra Violet”, so that you can search and find it if you are a kind of expert in graphic design.

Let’s see the 10 best “ultra violet” destinations, from West to East, according to the travel agency Skyscanner.

Antelope Canyon, the most famous slot in Arizona, USA

antelope canyon ultra violet

How nature impresses us with a mesmerizing natural phenomenon created through the centuries by wind and water.


Aurora Borealis, Iceland

aurora borealis ultra violet

Another natural phenomenon that we could easily call astounding ‘magic’.


Scotland and its landscapes

scotland and its landscapes ultra violet
Laurie Campbell

The Scottish land may be rough and with severe weather conditions, but the view of its landscape and meadow repay all the discomfort.



London Science Museum – Winton Gallery, South Kensington, Great Britain

london science museum ulta violet

Where maths, history and art meet and blend perfectly together.


Pigalle Basketball Pitch, Paris, France

pigalle basketball pitch ultra violet

The show is not just the game! This location is also pretty appreciated by photographers and Instagramer


Lavender in Provence, France

lavender in provence ultra violet

Extraordinary landscape for an amazing experience for both the eyes and the nose.



Gothic Windows of Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France

gothic windows ultra violet of sainte chapelle paris

When religion is not just prayers but also enchantment and art thanks to different shades and reflections that interchange during the day.


Nasir ol Molk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran

ultra violet nasir ol molk mosque shiraz

Where colour shades complement worshipping.


Shanghai Lights, China

shanghai lights ultra violet

Who says lights must be only yellow or white?


Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

ultra violet gardens by the bay singapore

While a garden is usually green, this is an exception that astonishes all the visitors, with 50m tall vertical structures (and gardens) located in a complex made of three interconnected parks that covers more than 100 hectares of land.

What’s your preferred colour? Do you like violet? And these 10 places?


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