This Woman Named His Puppy as a Shrek Character: That’s Why


Do you love unusual animals? Do you like unconventional pets? This creature might be the right one for you, then.

Puppy Green Labrador With Family

An ordinary normal 2-year-old brown Labrador dog surprisingly gave to birth a green female puppy (the only female among 4 male cubs … and the only one with a green tinge fur).

It’s happened in Lancashire, England and this story was told by Elain Cooper, the owner of this shocking dog. It’s not a case that she named the newborn puppy like a Shrek character (Fifi).

Puppy Green Labrador With Sister

Is it an alien? A weird experiment? A fake news? A Photoshop trick? Not at all: green tinge is caused by an over exposure to a substance present in the placenta and called “biliverdin“. This is a rare condition and believed to be just the third case on earth (the owner said).

This mother dog, Milly is her name, can be proud to have a peculiar and unforgettable puppy, right during her first litter (maybe the first and the only one – Ed.).

Puppy Green Labrador

But you have to be fast if you would like to see this rare puppy, because the green tinge is only temporary and Fifi will soon look like her brothers.

Do you own any pets? Have you ever had any peculiar animals? Tell us your story.

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