Incredible Animal Rescue In Thanksgiving Day: Bobcat Stuck In The Grill Of A Car Survived After 50 Miles Trip

bobcat survived a 50 miles trip
Richmond Animal Care and Control

USA, a wild cat was hit and remained stuck in the grill of a car, then taken around for 50 miles, but miraculously survived its unexpected ‘hard trip’.

It was Thanksgiving day and a driver took her way from Gloucester to Richmond when she suddenly hit something. But she would have never expected that that ‘something’ was a bob cat. And after bringing it with her, stuck in the car for 50 miles (80km), it was still alive and with no major injures.

In Thanksgiving day, this year, another cute sweet animal has been rescued and another happy ending story can be told.

After getting on her car the driver took, maybe, the usual rout to her destination. It should have been a quite long trip alone, but this time she had an unexpected companion – unfortunately not in the best situation.

rescued bobcat survived a 50 miles trip
Richmond Animal Care and Control

The driver realised what really happened only after covering 50 miles and parked at VCU. A bob cat was accidentally hit and still stuck in the grill of the car. She called the Richmond Animal Care and Control for help and they quickly responded. When the staff arrived the wild cat was still alive and with just a small scrape on his back.

The providential staff from RACC worked to sedate and free the cat from the car and transported him to the Wildlife Center of Virginia for treatment and release. Another life has been saved and in the day of Thanksgiving Americans must have thanked also the providential intervention of doctors and animal rescuers…along with the big luck the beautiful cat had that day.


Have you ever had any experience with such incidents? What’s the most touching rescue you have ever witnessed so far?


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