UK, House Decorated With Over 10,000 Lights Becomes The Brightest And Most Christmassy Home In Britain


the brightest house christmas

Wigan, Greater Manchester, England. The owner decided to stand out above the crows by making her home the most brightest house for this Christmas.

To succeed in her mission she used over 10,000 lights and embellished the house front with shining trees, Santa Claus, bells, stars and other Christmas themed bright decorations.

the brightest house christmas uk

It’s impossible not to notice the house – who knows if it can be seen from the moon too (Ed.)?

According to the Daily Mail, the creative owners are Dayna Slater (26) and Paul Liptrot (28), who spent two years to complete their ‘artwork’. Their festive house can be defined the ‘most Christmassy home in Britain’. And if the lights were not enough, you will be welcome by a 15-foot tree and a full nativity scene.

Dayana posted the pictures on Social Media and it’s impossible no to share them.

uk the brightest house christmas

Do you celebrate Christmas? What are your decorations? Would you make your own house so shining and bright?


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