Can Plants and Flowers See Us? Here the Truth Revealed


Any nature lovers like discovering and looking at the incredible creatures this planet can offer and show. Some of them are simply beautiful, others strange and unusual, but this time, something weird came out to our attention and it goes beyond nature (at least the one we are used to): some kind of alien plants. This video will show you several plants with blinking and moving eyes, as if they can see us all, spy on us, interact with us, like any human being.

Is it really possible? Are these plants from this planet?
Do you think they are real?
Watch the video and let us know how impressive it looks like.

Well, how do you feel? Did you discover the truth? If not, here is the explanation.

This is an “alien plants music video” made in 2006 by 1st Ave Machine company for Alias’ song “Sixes Last”. Nature and robotics are combined in an elegant and credible manner and the result is still impressive even after so many years. It went viral that time and it’s still astonishing and making people wondering what’s going on, if it’s real or what.

A little bit about the creators:

1st Ave Machine USA Inc. is an NYC based CGI VFX/Animation Studio and Production Company working in the advertising, broadcast, music video and feature film industries. They create high end design works by employing 3D in ways that blur the line between what we perceive as real and impossible.

Is this video hypnotic to you? Feel free to watch it again and have some fun.

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