Diagnosed With Cancer At 4-Year-Old She Survived And Completed The Great North Run In Cinderalla Dress

katy dressed cinderella
Teenage Cancer Trust

Life can be unpredictable sometimes and this is even more true when you are a child and have to start a big battle. But stories can also have a happy ending, like happened for this ‘Princess’ in UK.

This is the touching story of Katy who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 4 and since than she fought a hard battle she would win in the best way possible. At the age of 17 Katy not just survived to cancer and won her long battle, but she was also able to participate in the famous Great North Run and did it in a special and unique way: dressed as her favourite Disney princess Cinderella. Why? Because that dress is the symbol of her victory against the terrible disease.

katy cancer survivor
Teenage Cancer Trust

In fact, every time Katy was having her chemotherapy, she always dressed as Cinderella, to help keep her smiling. After more than 10 years, she defeated the cancer and started to live a normal life, even though she still has to go for annual check-ups and has to live with one kidney. But despite that, Katy is so strong and well that she can live an active life that will surely bring her a lot of satisfactions, mainly for a girl who had to give up on many things because of her past condition.

katy cancer survivor run dressed cindirella
Teenage Cancer Trust

To help support other young people diagnosed with cancer across the UK, Katy ad her dad decided to participate in the Great North Run with #TeamTeenageCancer, with the hope to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. In addition, like happened during her disease, the Cinderella dress supported her once again. In fact, Katy run dressed as the princess: a reminder of the power of smile, hope and good will.

teenage cancer trust
Teenage Cancer Trust

And this story even went more similar to the fairy tale: like Cinderella, Katy nearly lost her shoe, at Mile 3, even if she managed to keep it – and no Prince Charming appeared. But for sure, Katy will have the chance to meet many Princes in the future – her new life has just begun.

Credit: Teenage Cancer Trust


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