Cars Fly During the Fourth of July in Alaska


Do you celebrate the Fourth of July? Do you like Alaska and glaciers? Do you love food, flights and a having lot of fun?

Well, there is a town in Alaska, near the toe of the Matanuska Glacier, where people could enjoy both of these things. All happened in the Alaskan town of Glacier View, during the Fourth of July celebrations, where people, like most Americans, enjoyed the moment with nice BBQ’s, a town parade, an aeroplane flyover and … an unexpected ending: cars flying.

Have you ever seen cars flying? In Glacier View town about 550 guests had the privilege to see them, among 500 pounds of pork, beef and chicken. And they have been enjoying the flight since 2005. But what’s the truth? Can people really fly on cars there?

Well, maybe in a near future (“will we need a special driver license?” Ed.), but for now, if you are planning a trip to Alaska, you can see vehicles launched off the bluff and the show is amazing.

Watch this video and discover what happened during this edition: one of the vehicles even came off the guide wire at the last moment and … well, you must seriously watch it.

Which flight did you like most? Have you ever been there before? Would you like to visit the place during your holiday?

In case you are organizing your glacier scenic day drive trip in Alaska and you would like to celebrate the July 4th in Glacier View as well, “just take care to enjoy the view and not to drive off the cliff”.

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