Lucky Cat, Closed In A Box And Delivered By Mistake, Rescued After 4 Days Of ‘Imprisonment’


cat closed in a box rescuedHow long can you live without eating and drinking? And what about animals, and in particular your pet? A woman living in Lecce (south Italy) knows, for sure, that her cat can survive for 4 days with no damages and this is how she discovered it.

Last 2nd November 2017 she wanted to pack a box and deliver it to northern Italy, but she made a very bad mistake: she didn’t realise she packed her cat too. If you own a cat you know how seriously they love boxes – playing, hiding and sleeping inside – but this time it was not a game at all.

According to, your feline hairy fluffy friend would survive just a few days without water. If not provided with enough drink, your cat will die because of dehydration – before starvation.

But in this story, the cat was discovered only four days later, at a UPS Access Point in Vicenza, at the opposite side of the Italian peninsula. Take a map and check the distance between Lecce and Vicenza and you will see the distance and how long time it takes to get there.

route cat closed in a box rescued italy

Fortunately, when the cat was rescued it was still alive and in good conditions, and just checked by a vet to be rehydrated. The owner will travel to Vicenza to pick her pet and get it back home, safe and hydrated.

Do you have any cat? Has this ever happened to you? How would you feel if you realised you packed and shipped your own cat…alive?

Credits: Tgcom24


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