That’s What Happens When Your Cat Learns To Pee In Your Toilet


red cat pee toilet

Like any living being, cats need to urinate and when it comes to pet, the litter box is usually the normal solution anyone adopt.
Sometimes it can happen that your “fluffy friend” start peeing outside his litter box (on a towel, on the floor, carpet or even on a cat tree). The possible cause can be behavioural, so you should need to retrain your cat, based on several things to consider. You can deepen this topic on this interesting article by Petfinder: “Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside Her Litter Box?

But while a cat urinating around or on your clothes may be very annoying, sometimes he may change his habits avoiding all these bad situations: that’s when you caught him peeing in your toilet. This could sound weird and unusual, but doing a little research on internet you can discover it’s not rare at all.
You can even toilet train your cat, so that you can stop dealing with the foul-smelling litter box and avoid cleaning it up from time to time.
According to The Toilet Trained Cat Co. website, anyone can teach their cat to use the human toilet”. You can read their Step-By-Step Guide and discover how to do that.

red cat take bathroom paper

But what about the clean-up? Can a cat use the toilet paper? Can it flush the toilet? What would happen when your cat goes beyond peeing and pooping?

We discovered this clever red cat who seems to like cleanliness very much and after using a human toilet that’s what happens. When you see him in action you won’t stop watching him. This cat may be a genius of just stressed – we can’t really know – but the show is so amazing. So enjoy this video and share it with your friends.

Do you own any cats? What does he/she use to pee? Do you think you can toilet train your cat?

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