Nathan The Beach Cat: From The Street To The Sea, Having A Good Fun Sunbathing And Swimming


If you are here it’s because you probably love cats, you own one or you don’t believe a cat can enjoy swimming and you are looking for evidence. Your curiosity will be satisfied or you will stop being sceptical after reading this story and seeing these images.

Everything happened in Australia. Thanks to a cat, the Country is now famous not only for its landscapes and sea, but also for being the place where a black sweet cat acts like a human when it arrives at the beach. Its name is Nathan and she starts going around in the water without being afraid of it at all. On the contrary, she’s astonishing her owners and the whole world wide web with her pictures and videos.

Rian and Melissa, the owners, found and rescued Nathan from the side of a street when she was young, abandoned in a box. The fluffy kitten is so thankful to the couple that she always follows them everywhere, and the beach doesn’t make any exception.

Rian and Melissa likes going to the beach in Queensland, and Nathan is always their companion, enjoying the time under the sun and in the water…and she’s really a good swimmer.

The moments are so amazing and cute that the photos and videos published on Instagram are getting viral, and the profile has already 86,000 followers.

How much do you love cats? What do you like to do with them?


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