Chicken Playing Music on America’s Got Talent 2017: That’s The Stunning Result


To any music and show lovers. This is the video you were waiting for.

Do you know and like “America the Beautiful” song?
Do you love piano, playing and listening to music?

If none of the above matters to you because you are just interested in animals, this video is still for you.

Is an animal enough clever and physically structured to keep rhythm and play an instrument? According to, the scientists agree with the fact that only humans and some animals have developed the ability to synchronize with rhythm, but no one knows why yet.

For sure animals are limited when it comes to music, (compared to humans -Ed.), but some videos showed us that being limited doesn’t necessarely mean it’s impossible. In fact, in 2013 the BBC Magazine showed us an Elephant orchestra, demonstrating that animals can make real music (in some way or another – Ed.).

Today, instead, we are going to show you how a little chicken – her name Kokgu – can play a patriotic tune on keyboard. All happened during the season 12 of America’s Got Talent 2017. Despite she needed a little encouraging at first, this was eventually the stunning result.

Do you have any chicken in your courtyard? Have you ever tried to play some music with them or with other animals? Show us the amazing results and we will tell your story to the world. Maybe your pet will be the next TV star.

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