Christmas Island, The Tropical Place Where People Can Play Golf With Santa Claus This Winter


christmas island australia

When I say green island and Indian Ocean what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Holiday, sun, water, maybe with some surfing? It’s probably what most people would think – me included. But this time we all have to change our mind because the place we are going to talk about today is symbolised by something that, apparently, has nothing to do with a tropical place. Welcome to Christmas Island whose symbol is Santa Claus.

This island is located is an Australian external territory located in the Indian Ocean, around 350 kilometres (220 mi) south of Java and Sumatra and around 1,550 kilometres (960 mi) north-west of the closest point on the Australian mainland.

christmas island stamps santa claus

In the island famous for its red crabs migration, in a place surrounded by azure waters and full of natural wonders (from birds to deserted beaches), the name chosen is far away connected with its look. But there’s a reason: Captain Willian Mynors of the East India Company’s ship Royal Mary, identified it in 1643 on Christmas Day.

santa claus play golf christmas island

To remark this peculiarity and to promote the island this winter 2017 the same theme was chosen: the creation of two stamps depicting an elf and a deer looking at the sky and Santa Claus while playing on a golf field. In fact, one of the big attractions in the island is a golf field, built in 1955 by Jack Pettigrew, surrounded by the amazing and unique beauty of the ocean and tropical forest and animals. And what if the infamous red crabs enter the field? They made special local rules regarding a crab taking your ball.

What’s your plan for this winter season? Will you opt for some snow or do you prefer the optimal warm climate of Christmas Island?


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