Denmark, A Stunning Walkway And Circular Tower Allow Anyone To Walk Above The Treetops

circular walkway tower denmark

In Denmark there is an architecture firm who decided to bring nature tourism to the next level and designed a stunning walkway, accessible to anyone, that passes through different types of forests and a river, culminating in a circular tower that raises above the treetops in the preserved forest, Gisselfeld Kloster Skove. Commissioned by Camp Adventure Park, the project started this year 2017 and is on-going.

The project is called “Camp Adventure – The Treetop Experience” and is located in Denderup Vænge, Næstved, DK. It will be part of an existing adventure sports facility that includes treetop climbing and aerial zip lines, and it will offer a unique experience in the forest canopy.

circular walkway tower forest denmark

Thanks to a 600 metre continuous ramp connected to a 45 metre tall observation tower, people of any kind can enjoy the stunning nature around and below them walking above the trees. The structure will give an exceptional and unforgettable view and allow to protect the forest, while making it accessible to people at the same time.

In order to make the experience more dynamic, the high walkway features a series of activities for different user groups to learn and enjoy the forest qualities.

Why has the tower this geometry? To enhance the visitor experience and the contact to the forest canopy, while improving the stability of the tower itself. Not only the ramp is a great adventure structure but, thanks to its shape, it also becomes a massive sculptural element.

bench circular walkway tower denmark

Going deeper for a better knowledge

Before reaching the tower, the walkway route offers a:

  • Voliere to watch different birds;
  • Tree Slalom for a deeper immersion;
  • Split Up to reach the first tree crowns;
  • Circular Take Off to gain height in a funny way;
  • River Cross as it follows the creek, lakes and wedland;
  • Flat Loop to walk around a tree crown;
  • “Amphi”, a stepped seating pocket to take a rest and look;
  • Crossed Viewpoint to enjoy different sights.
circular walkway tower danish forest

Few additional facts about the tower

  • the cylinder is the most logical shape for modelling it;
  • the structure features a larger diameter on the base and top to enhance stability and view;
  • the viewpoint platform gives a 360° view panorama of the surroundings;
  • the tower gives a new perspective to nature;
  • the hyperbolic curvature gives space for the trees around it, so that you can have a closer look at the crowns.

If you would like to know more about this project you can visit the Camp Adventure – The Treetop Experience website.

Are you ready for a unique holiday? Denmark is waiting for you.


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